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If you are involved in a child custody dispute or a divorce case, you may have heard that you need to mediate your case before the final trial. The family law courts in Murfreesboro have a massive backlog of divorce cases. This implies that you have to wait for several months before a judge gets your case started. Mediation (alternative dispute resolution) is a less expensive and quicker way to getting your divorce case finalized in Tennessee.

Family mediation is a process where participants (you and your spouse) settle disputes with the assistance of an impartial and trained third party, commonly known as a mediator. The family mediator helps you communicate respectfully and safely, so you can identify vital interests, express grievances, and develop long-lasting solutions. The mediator’s role is to help couples resolve some or all areas of their contested divorce problems. They won’t force the parties to reach an agreement but will work together to solve divorce-related issues, including division of debts, alimony, or property.

Child custody disputes can be complicated to navigate alone and stressful for all involved. A mediator focuses on your child’s best interests and strives to create a parenting plan that not only ensures your child’s safety and welfare but also provides a safe and loving environment. Your Tennessee family mediator will help you understand the types of custody agreements available in your state. At the same time, your lawyer can provide expert advice regarding making a solid case for whatever deal is chosen.

Couples that reach agreements through a family mediator find the process less stressful than couples who handle their divorce related issues via long, drawn-out court battles. Family mediation is far cheaper than full-blown court proceedings involving lawyer fees and other professionals like mental health experts and appraisers. So, divorcing couples are encouraged to give a family mediation process a chance before heading to court.

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At Perkins and Jones, we have experienced family law lawyers to help you throughout the emotional and stressful divorce process. We understand that effective family mediation requires the two parties to come to the discussion in good faith. Our experienced family mediators have handled thousands of divorce cases in Murfreesboro TN. Whether you want to reach an agreement or take your divorce case through trial, our family law attorneys are prepared to fight for your interests and rights each step of the way.

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