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Why Choose Perkins & Jones for your Defense?

With any type of legal dispute, you shouldn’t pursue the easy path when selecting the right attorney. Experience counts, regardless of the situation. Murfreesboro attorney Perkins & Jones is experienced in handling cases in family and divorce law, DUI, drug laws, criminal defense, estates and probates, civil law, family and civil mediation. Michael believes in taking aggressive action to safeguard the rights of clients who come to his office for assistance and inputting customer’s needs first.

At Perkins & Jones, Attorneys at Law, we know how challenging it can be to solve criminal, civil, or family disputes. With that in mind, we offer the informative and supportive representation you require to protect your rights, no matter the situation. When you need hard-hitting defense in Murfreesboro, you can count on Perkins & Jones, Attorneys at Law. Don’t hesitate to know your defense options. Contact Perkins & Jones today to find knowledgeable, aggressive representation as soon as possible.

Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Criminal law defines criminal offenses, trial and charging of convicted offenders.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process where civil disputes are resolved in a court of law. 

Divorce and Family Law

Family and divorce law focuses on resolving disputesbetween individuals and their families

Probate and Estates

Probates  law focuses on matters related to wills, successions, and estate planning.


Car Accident Attorney

Our car accident attorneys have helped victims file injury claims and get the fair compensation they deserve.