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Probate and Estates Murfreesboro TN

Probate And Estates

Probate is the legal process of gathering, allocating, and distributing a deceased individual’s estate to heirs. Our probate attorney in Murfreesboro TN, will assist you during this process by helping to determine who will assume responsibility for your assets after you pass away.

When you are preparing for the inevitable and want to preserve your assets for future generations, Perkins & Jones Attorneys at Law, are ready to help. If you wish to have a trust or will drafted, probate a will, or any real estate litigation, Our experienced probate attorneys will guide you through all aspects of Probate Law in Tennessee.

Our probate lawyers understand personally what it feels like to lose a loved one while simultaneously going to court to settle their estates. We have assisted many families in Tennessee navigate these challenging times and dealt with probate and real estate administration cases while eliminating obstacles in the process.

A will is a legal document prepared under the probate laws in Tennessee, which names entities or individuals who should benefit from your property (also known as beneficiaries) when you pass away. It helps you to leave instructions on how your probate assets should be shared after your death.

However, will contests can prove disruptive and costly, leaving family members fighting one another. Nonetheless, if you cannot reach an amicable agreement through negotiation, our estate planning attorneys can represent your best interests in court.

Are you wondering what will happen when your aging parents lose their ability to make sound financial or health decisions? A “Power of Attorney” is a legal document that grants one person the ability to make decisions on behalf of another, like an aging parent or a sick loved one. Under the current Probate Law in Tennessee, you can give someone a power of attorney by having that person complete the power of attorney document.

At Perkins & Jones, our estate planning attorneys we can assist you in responding to the challenge of disability, aging, and illness with confidence by offering sound legal counsel you require down the road. Living trusts, also known as recoverable trusts, come with numerous benefits; they can save you money, assist you in bypassing probate, and keep your assets private. To transfer your assets to a trust, our experienced probate attorney in Murfreesboro TN, will list your properties on a schedule and attach them to a living trust.

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Whether you need legal representation for the probate administration or require assistance in drafting an estate plan, Perkins & Jones is here to meet your needs.