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Criminal Defense Attorney In Murfreesboro TN

My Life-Long Passion for Criminal Law

I have always had a passion for Criminal Justice, even as  a young child. I carried that passion with me throughout my educational career. I attended Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) right here in Murfreesboro TN where I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. While at MTSU, my pursuit of further learning in Criminal Justice lead to developing a passion and appreciation for the law. I continued to build upon that passion while I attended law school at the Nashville School of Law. During my time at law school, I knew that I wanted to incorporate my life-long passion into the practice of law and that is why I dedicate the majority of my practice to the representation of clients involved with the Criminal Justice system.

I truly feel that my educational background in criminal law as well as my professional experience working with state and federal law enforcement agencies as criminal defense attorney, gives me a strategic advantage when it comes to representing those charged with committing a criminal offense. All of those facing criminal charges, even those who have been charged with the most egregious crimes such as murder or sexually related crimes, deserve to have their constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms and liberties protected in the court of law. Day-in and day-out, I strive to provide the highest quality criminal representation to all of my clients. I will fight for your rights, but most importantly I will fight for you!  – Micheal A. Jones

Criminal Defense Attorney Focus Areas

DUI Defense

If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or other related criminal offense, hire a dedicated attorney who knows how to advise you on how best to mediate the negative ramification of such a simple mistake.

Drug Related Offenses

Have you been charged with a drug related crime? Don’t go down without a fight, call an attorney like Mike who has extensive experience with drug and alcohol addiction services. Micheal knows that not every person charged with a drug offense is a victim of their own choices but rather a victim of their circumstances. Choose an attorney who will not only fight for you in the court room but will also utilize his connections across the state with substance abuse service providers to connect you with treatment resources for your addiction.

Crimes Against the Person

Are you facing criminal charges such as assault, domestic assault, aggravated assault, or even murder? Schedule your free consultation with Micheal today. Micheal has handled many of these types of cases and will provide top notch criminal representation no matter the crime you are accused of committing.

Sex Crimes

Sexually related crimes such as statutory rape, sexual battery, sexual exploitation of a minor, aggravated rape, and all other sex crimes are some of the most serious and life-altering criminal charges a person can face. Don’t trust your representation to just anybody; rely on an attorney like Mike who has experience handling these types of cases. If you are charged with any misdemeanor or felony sex crime, schedule your free consultation with a dedicated criminal defense lawyer like Mike.

Property Crimes

Property crimes range from minor offenses such as misdemeanor theft up to aggravated burglary. If you are charged with theft, shoplifting, felony theft, vandalism, burglary offense, or even trespassing, hire an attorney like Mike.

Other Crimes

If you are facing any criminal charge or have been accused of committing an crime, schedule your free consultation with Micheal today. Micheal is a dedicated attorney located in Murfreesboro, TN who provide the majority of his time providing criminal defense and he will represent you in ANY criminal matter in ANY court in the state of Tennessee.